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Welcome to The Creative Coastal Home!

I’ve now been in my lovely new home at the coast for 3 months! Here’s the ‘before’ pictures, with some hints as to my plans. The House Tour will be updated as the rooms get renovated. Any ideas or suggestions? Let me know!

Floor Plans

House floor plans

The floor plans are not exact – they were done by the estate agent as part of marketing, so should just be taken as a guideline. There are quite a few quirky angles in reality! But they give you a general idea. I’m not planning on making any changes to the layout, it’s more about how I’m going to use the spaces.

The Ground Floor

The Porch and Hallway

I have a porch which is currently completely empty except for an inherited mobile:

It’s a good size with lovely stained glass. I plan to re-paint and add some coat and shoe storage in due course.

The hallway is immense! Decorating it will be interesting. There’s a lot of height and a lot of gloss paint involved….

The view up the stairs

The ladder you can see at the top of the picture is into the Attic, more of that later.

The downstairs Hall leading to Kitchen, Dining Room and Living Room

As you can see on the wall, there’s an intercom system in the house, which was relevant to the previous owners. Visiting children love it! It may not survive a redecoration though…

The upstairs Landing

The whole hallway, stairs and landing have high ceilings, so there is plenty of opportunity for some statement lighting, which I’m doing some interesting research into at the moment. A post on lighting will be coming to the blog soon.

The Dining Room

The Dining Room

I haven’t really unpacked much as I know there will be electrical work required – there is only one double electric socket in the whole room! But I’m looking forwards to doing something glam in here, and updating the window seat, which is a lovely sunny spot first thing in the morning.  As you can see I’ve brought quite a lot of furniture with me, so there’s plenty of scope for some furniture treatments, and I have a LOT of books which all need a storage solution.

The Living Room

The Living Room

There are still some unpacked boxes.  Again I expect to do some work on electrics here – I really just don’t have enough for all my gadgetry:

So many plugs, so few sockets…..

I think I’ll be tackling this room in a couple of stages. Initially I’ll probably keep the sofas which really restrict how I can arrange the space. My dislike of the purple corner sofa grows on a daily basis though! Eventually I would love to change the sofas and that’ll give me much more scope on how to arrange the room. I want to make even more of a feature of the fireplace wall and I REALLY want a log burner in there! Now I’ve seen my first heating bill I may well prioritize that….

Living Room view back towards the Conservatory

The Conservatory

The Conservatory

At the moment it’s a bit of a dumping ground for random bits of furniture. But this is a lovely warm spot. I did a quick makeover of one side to give me a cosy seating area recently, you can read about it here. I’m definitely keeping the cosy seating area in there, although planning to cover the sofa and introduce a different colour scheme. I haven’t decided whether to include a TV and keep it as a lounging space, or add a table for meals in summer, or what yet. Any suggestions?

The Kitchen

The view to the back door

So I’m spoilt for size in the kitchen, certainly compared to my last home! It also has a utility cupboard at the end which houses the washing machine and cleaning products. The kitchen itself is ready for an update really – that poor floor has a lot of cracks in it! I’d like to get underfloor heating in (the one miss I regret from the last kitchen I did) and re-arrange the layout, but a lot will depend on what’s possible with gas and electrics. I’m certainly going to live with the space for a few months at least to get a good sense of what works for me and what doesn’t I plan any changes though.

The reverse kitchen view

The Cloakroom

The downstairs Cloakroom

I have a good-sized cloakroom which also has space for coat and shoe storage. There is nothing wrong with it decor wise, but I would love to try a bold colour in here and get some storage in – watch this space!

That’s the Ground Floor done, want to come upstairs to the First Floor?

The First Floor

The Master Bedroom

The Master Bedroom

This pic was taken very shortly after I moved in. The room is a mish-mash at the moment. It’s a lovely light big space though, I’m looking forward to the mood board for this one!

The En-Suite

The en-suite is a quirky room built into an area of otherwise unused space with a sloping roof.

The Ensuite built into the eaves

I’m pondering whether to do a quick update retaining the existing grey suite or go for a full makeover. It’s a big space for an en-suite but the sloping roof does present layout challenges, especially for where to store your towels to dry!

En Suite view back to Bedroom

The Guest Bedroom

This is the main guest bedroom:

Guest Bedroom

As you can see, it has a lot of fitted furniture! This is really handy for storage, but it does overpower the room a little:

The Fitted Furniture

I’d like to figure out a way to remove some of the furniture whilst keeping the rest. I haven’t investigated much yet but I suspect it might be an all or nothing deal though.

The Craft Room/Second Guest Bedroom

This is the most box-tastic room I still have:

The Craft room/Guest Bedroom complete with Sean the Sheep overlooking proceedings/entertaining visiting children

Most of those boxes are full of craft materials – which is why I need a craft room! The plan is to have a functional craft room with a big working space but a sofa bed as well, so guests can comfortably use it.

The Office

The Office to be

The smallest bedroom is going to be an office. So it’s also pretty box-tastic at the moment, but I have plans!

The Bathroom

The Bathroom

I like the bathroom – and it’s certainly the tidiest room in the house at the moment! I just need to think about storage and accessories – and possibly lighting, a bit more would be nice!

The Shower Room

The shower room is also in a good state. As it’s a small room the biggest challenge is how to get a bit of storage in there for guests to put their things when they use it. Any ideas?

Onwards to the Attic?

The Attic

This is not an official conversion as such – it has no fixed stairs and limited head height, so wouldn’t meet current building regulations to qualify. But it’s a very handy space! I’m not planning on doing the work to make it an official conversion, but I am planning to use it as an occasional space. See these boxes?

Well, that’s just part of my extensive magazine collection! So I’m thinking of creating some sort of magazine library/den space that can be used be visiting children as a hangout space.

Attic – the door leads through to storage space

As well as the converted half of the attic, the other half that is accessed via the door you can see above is great storage space.

Come outside!

The Garden

I’m not including a lot of garden pics in the home tour, as I post monthly as part of Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day and also ensuring I take seasonal pictures to track the garden progress. You can see my most recent garden post here. But here’s a few pics to round off the tour.

The Front Garden

My front garden is a decent size. I’ve tidied up the autumn leaves and now it’s a blank canvas:

The fairly empty Front Garden
Front Garden, left side

The Back Garden

I could spend all my time here! I have veg beds, a summerhouse, a greenhouse, a patio – so much to do! Here’s the ariel shot:

Back garden from above, right side
Back garden, left side

There are lots more pics in my garden posts.


That’s all folks! What do you think?  Bookmark the page to track the progress of the before and afters as they happen. What would you tackle first?