Tackling the Guest Bedroom

The guest bedroom is the room I struggled with most when I moved in. It was incredibly cold, with just one small radiator hiding behind the door. It was challenged for lighting and electric sockets. And there was a LOT of fitted furniture. Which I had mixed feelings on; a fabulous amount of storage, but over-whelming for the room. In particular the over-bed storage unit didn’t particularly impress the guests sleeping under it! So, it went on the list for decoration sooner rather than later.

The Before Pictures

Here’s the pictures from when I moved in.

This view from the door shows the over-bed storage unit. On the right are the 5 fitted wardrobes:

Guest Bedroom before picture
Guest Bedroom – view from the door

This view shows you more of the fitted furniture! It’s not possible to fully open the door into the room as it hits the end chest of drawers. The little radiator is also squashed behind the door. The cord hanging down from the ceiling near the door is another light switch! You’ve got a good view of the wallpaper here too: A printed paper on some walls, woodchip on the others, and a floral border where the picture rail would have been.

A rather small radiator squeezed into the corner of the Guest Bedroom
The Fitted Furniture in the Guest Bedroom

This picture was taken the day I moved in hence a lot of baggage! It provides the best before view of the windows, curtains and lighting. The light is right in front of the window, as was often the case in older houses. There are 2 windows, a narrow window on a side wall of the house and a lovely large window overlooking the front garden.

before pictures of the guest bedroom
The Guest Bedroom matching lighting and curtains

Gathering Ideas

First step: Pinterest!

Guest bedroom pinterest board
Pinterest Guest Bedroom Ideas Board

The first step for me is always to gather lots of ideas on a Pinterest board. My Guest Bedroom Ideas Board is a compilation of inspiration and DIY ideas. I’ve gathered over 120 pins covering furniture, wallpaper, paint, lighting and accessories I like the look of.

I then look at my Ideas board, plus my feng shui assessment of the room, to decide what sort of scheme I want, and create a narrowed down Mood Board. If you’re interested in feng shui, you can ready more about it here, and read about my assessment for the house here. In this room, the feng shui suggests I should look to a scheme emphasising the water element. I can do that by including dark blues and blacks in some way. The metal element should then help support the water – so greys, whites and metallic colours are also beneficial. Fire and earth colours are to be avoided!

The Mood Board

Having gathered plenty of ideas on my Ideas Pinterest Board, I then narrowed it down to a cohesive Guest Bedroom Mood Board.

Pinterest Mood Board
Pinterest Guest Bedroom Mood Board

A Pinterest board to me isn’t quite the same as a room inspiration board. To me, room inspiration boards are put together when you don’t necessarily take what you already own into account. It’s your ideal room. I’m always  conscious of what I already have that I want to work into the room, and find Pinterest a great way to pull together what I already have, what I know I’m going to buy, and those pieces of inspiration that’ll help me finish it off. So what am I planning here?

In summary, I’m planning on:

  • A feature wallpaper wall. Should this be behind the bed, or opposite it? I can see the benefit in sitting in bed looking at a feature wall, rather than leaning against it. Hmm.
  • A light grey, deep blue and white colour scheme, with silver and crystal touches. Something elegant and cosy, whilst fitting in with the all important feng shui, which dictates the deep blue. The existing white metal bed is going to stay.
  • A blind for the tall, narrow window in the room, and curtains for the much larger feature window.
  • Some painted furniture for all-important storage. I have the fitted furniture, which is currently a dark brown wood effect laminate, and various pieces of unpainted pine furniture to play with. You’ll see from the Pinterest Mood Board I’m thinking of dark blue, dark grey or black.

Time to get started!

So now I have my mood board, it’s time to get stuck in! In my next post I’ll be updating you on progress in the room so far, and asking for help on the whole raft of decisions I need to make regarding the room! What do you think of the mood board? Any suggestions? Does anyone else you Pinterest to plan their room?