Lessons learned from Blogging and a decision point

I have now  been a blog owner for 9 months! My very first post was at the end of November last year. I only really think of myself as a blogger from February this year though, when I started blogging following my move to my lovely home on the coast, about my work on my home and garden. In this post I’m sharing a little of my learnings so far, and asking for your help in deciding if, and how, the blog should move forward.

Blogging: the Good Bits

So here’s the pros of blogging:

  1. I have learnt SO much. I had no idea about web hosting, or widgets, or photo editing, or affiliate links, or a zillion other things, before last November. It’s taken me a while to learn it all, but I believe all knowledge is good knowledge and will help me with whatever I may end up doing in future.
  2. I’ve learnt about more than just blogging. I didn’t really use Pinterest much before, and I had never used Canva for photo editing. Now I’m quite interactive with both, as well as my Twitter. Facebook – not so much but I’m on there!
  3. Blogging about the garden every month is really helping me understand what I’ve got in my new garden, and therefore helping me plan how I’d like to develop it. I’m getting a very good sense of what works and what doesn’t and how the light travels throughout the day.
  4. Blogging about the house is really helping me think about my home, and how I want it to look and function to work for me. Previously I’ve probably just dived in and decorated a room in isolation, without too much thought. Now I actually plan much more and think more about the overall scheme and how I’m using the room. I’ve actually pulled together a mood board for the first time! I also think much more about what furniture I have and how I can re-use it to good effect in different settings.
  5. Interaction with other bloggers and readers is great! It’s fabulous to have encouragement, and ideas. There are so many other great blogs out there, and I’ve learnt so much by reading them. You can read my post about some of them here, where I wrote about influences on my style. I applaud anyone who takes the time to blog, and so many bloggers make it look effortless. I know it isn’t!.


My Home Office mood board – learning how to plan and articulate a room scheme!

Blogging: the not so Good Bits

So here’s my take on the cons of blogging:

  1. It is incredibly time consuming. Anyone reading a blog who hasn’t tried it probably thinks a post gets churned out in an hour. It actually takes me about a day to write a post. The most time-consuming parts are the taking and editing of photos, and creating links and a nice header picture for each post.
  2. It’s a bit like lobbing content into a black hole. I am putting content out there, and it’s helpful to me. But is it helpful to other people? Is anyone else reading it? I honestly don’t know. I have 8 email followers (one of which is myself!), and 85 twitter followers. I’m incredibly grateful to you all! But should I be putting out content if it’s not of interest? Or could I make a small tweak and really hit the mark for what people would like to read?
  3. As quite a private person, it’s quite unsettling putting myself out there more on social media. I’m not sure if I like it!
  4. It’s more than just writing a blog. To get the word out, a blogger really needs to use Twitter (on it!), Pinterest (definitely on it!), Facebook (hmm) and Instagram (oh dear). In particular I haven’t been able to get to grips with Instagram, as my windows phone isn’t very Insta friendly and I haven’t’ sussed out the workarounds to use my laptop successfully. I’m a bit of a heathen with all the hashtags too. So am I not tech savvy enough to be a blogger?
An insight into blogging life – a shot of my Canva photo editing page

Where do I go from here? To blog, or not to blog?

So I’ve enjoyed my 6 months of blogging, and learnt a lot from it. But I am questioning where to go from here. Is my blog for me, or is it for other people? Ideally both! If it’s just for me, I could record my journey in other, slightly faster, ways than online. If it helps or entertains others, I’d like to keep on with it. I really need some input from my readers here! So please, even if you’ve never left a comment before, let me know what you think. Would you like to see more of The Creative Coastal Home? What have you liked? What hasn’t hit the spot? What would you really like to see? Should I be a bit jazzier in my graphics? Are you waiting with bated breath for the first finished room? I know I can’t wait to finish a room! Leave a comment below. If you’d like to see more, sign up to follow the blog on the right, and by all means check out my Twitter and Pinterest Pages.  Thanks for stopping by!