Planning a Scheme for the Home Office

Back in May, I showed you the pictures of the room which is intended to become the home office. I then called in electricians to ask about moving the overhead light and adding a few more power sockets.

Remember the light in the Corner?

One thing led to another and here we are, 2 months on and a full house re-wire later! The office got temporarily delayed whilst planning the lights for the entire house in a hurry (see my post on lighting deliberations here and my post on whether to go for a rewire here) and packing up as much as possible to make way for the electricians. The upshot is, I have nice new power points everywhere, but a lot of holes to patch as well.

One of the new sockets, plus an aerial point in progress

I’ve also completed my Feng Shui assessment of the house to help inform my room schemes, and assessed what size radiator is required for each room. Now I can get back to planning the office and creating an office mood board!

The Original Plan

In my last post on the office, I covered the requirements for the room, and also my plan to upcycle several existing furniture pieces in the room, to keep the costs to the minimum. Cost savings are more important now I’ve opted for the rewire and replaced all the lights! So in this case my plan has come from shopping my home rather than starting with a blank sheet of paper. There isn’t much opportunity to go shopping for this room!  I’ve also compiled a Pinterest Board of Home Office Ideas which is full of great DIYs in particular, giving me some good ideas for upcycling. Check that out if you’re looking for ideas for your home office.

Home Office Ideas Pinterest Board

Then I created another Pinterest Board for the Home Office Mood Board – what I am actually going to do in the space.

Originally I was very keen to use this wallpaper, which I think is fabulous!

Graham and Brown Eccentric Wallpaper

Isn’t it great? However I’ve decided that, because so much of the room will be covered by bookcases, there isn’t much point in wallpapering this one. I’m not sure if there will be another opportunity to use this paper in my home, but I’m certainly thinking about it. But for my Office, it will be paint.

My Feng Shui assessment of my home surprised me with the results! It suggested that the best way to decorate this room in order to enhance the good energies, would be by bringing in lots of wood colours i.e. natural woods and greens. So I’ve had a rethink on my scheme.

The Current Plan: Office Mood Board

Here’s the Pinterest Office Mood Board:

The Mood Board

I’m going for a dark green on the walls, and will be keeping a lot of the wood textures that previously I’d planned on painting over. I’m also planning on introducing touches of silver, white and grey, and some botanical elements.

This is the sort of green I’m aiming for; something dark and moody. Although it’s going into a small room, I think it will be lifted by all the pale wood in the room.

Sitting Room painting in Leyland’s Forest Storm. Source:

There isn’t much opportunity for shopping for new items in this room – even for the floor I’m thinking I might salvage a carpet from another room! Or alternatively I might put down a plywood floor, which I’ve seen a few people do with fabulous results. I will be doing some DIY, including:

  • Building a storage unit for my printer and a TV
  • Re-painting some of the pieces I’m moving into the room, including this little number (last painted in the 90s, don’t judge)
    A storage unit of my DIY 1990s past


  • Making some cushions with a botanical/floral theme
  • Making a cork pin board
  • Add some panelling to the plain door so it will blend in better with the other period doors in the house
  • Doing something with the large quantity of Ikea Knuff files I own – any ideas for these are welcome! I’m currently planning a mixture of paint and woodstains
That old faithful, the Ikea Knuff magazine holder
Another key inspirational picture. Source: Farrow and Ball

The picture above is inspiring my thinking for the walls and the furniture – I’m planning to try a painted/wood look on some of my pieces.

That’s the plan! What do you think? Are you decorating your office? Share your plans! Now it’s time to get preparing the room….

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