Feng Shui Analysis: Bringing it all together

I’ve told you a bit now about what Feng Shui is, and shared my progress in assessing the Feng Shui of my home using the Flying Star school of Feng Shui. In this post I’m sharing the results of the analysis! Read on to find out what I’ve discovered about my home, and how it will influence my decorating decisions.

The Flying Star Charts

Previously I showed you my floor plans, and the appropriate Flying Star Chart for my home.

Creative Coastal Home Flying Star Grid

Now I’ve mapped the flying star grid onto the floor plans to provide these charts:

Ground Floor Plan with Flying Stars


First Floor Plan with Flying Stars


As you can tell, I’ve gone back to basics in my analysis and hand drawn all my charts, so they aren’t the most professional looking! I’m sure there are far easier ways to work with computer programmes but I was keen to refresh my training. In each compass sector there are 3 numbers. These numbers are the stars or energies or Qi which falls into each sector.  The top left number is the Mountain Energy, the top right number the Water Energy, and the bottom middle number the Period Energy. I talked a little more about this in my last post on Feng Shui.

The Analysis

I’m not going into a lot of detail of how I undertook the analysis or why some energies are positive and some negative – it took me a year’s practitioner training to understand all that and I couldn’t cover it in one post! I’m going to go through some key findings, and my analysis of each room. There are references to Qi/energy and Mountain and Water stars, which mean something to a follower of Flying Star Feng Shui. If you’re interested in knowing more, let me know and I’m happy to post more detail in future posts. I’ve also recommended some reading. Otherwise, just have a look at the findings then sign up to follow how I utilise them and whether it helps improve my life!

The Headlines

Generally it's very positive! I'm pleased I've chosen a good house, in Feng Shui terms. Note I've used shorthand for directions e.g. N for 
North. Headlines:
  • The form of the house is good, which means the environment supports it. There is a ‘mountain’ (hill!) at the back supporting the house. Adjoining gardens from either side also provide protection to the house.

  • The curved road approaching the front of house means there are no sharp roads/angles pointing at the house. The road brings energy to the house from the SE, E and NE, supporting good fortune, inner knowledge, and friendships. Approaching the property from the SE is best to draw good fortune into the home.

  • The Qi energies at the centre of house are in harmony which is good. The house is balanced!

  • The Mountain star and Period star add to 10 in every sector. This is an excellent feature meaning this is a very good home for relationships/friendships/health.

  • The main wealth/prosperity energy comes from the NE or W, where the water star is both host and timely. Having the front door in the NE is helpful as it helps bring this into the home. The energy can also enter via the windows in the top half of the kitchen, the master bedroom and Bedroom 3. These are good areas to be active in and leave doors/windows open for the energy to travel throughout the home.

  • The best place for a water feature to support the prosperity energy would be in the NE (outside the Porch) or in the W (back garden, where a pond is currently situated)

  • The main relationship energy comes from SW and E, where the mountain star is host and timely. It can enter the home via the Dining Room, Living Room and Master Bedroom windows. The E is most favourable, and a good place for sleeping (Master Bedroom) and sitting (sofa in Living Room)

  • Energy from the S is blocked in this home, as there are no doors or windows to the south. This blocks the potentially good wealth energy that could come from that direction.

  • The 5 star is the most troublesome energy. The 5 water star falls in the SW and 5 mountain star in the NW. The NW is most challenging as it also contains the 5 period star. In my home this falls in the areas of the Cloakroom and Bathroom. Whilst it’s good that people do not spend long amounts of time in these rooms, they do get regularly used so are very active.

Using the Elements

In the next section I’m revealing my analysis for each room. Proposed ‘treatments’ for each room are then in the form of which elements should be used in the room, and which should be avoided. The table below provides a summary of what can be used in order to bring the elements into a room.






Black, dark blue

Flowing wave formation

Flowing shapes, statues, glass, electricity, TVs.


Greens, light blue

Tall and upright

Wardrobes, upright cupboards, doors.


Red, pink, peach, purple

Pointed, triangular

Triangular shaped furniture


Yellow, brown, beige, cream, terracotta

Wider than tall, square

Wider than tall, e.g. beds, tables, desks.


White, grey, silver, gold, metallic colours

Rounded, dome shaped, circular

Rounded shapes, coins, balls.

There is also a picture of the elemental cycle in my first post on Feng Shui.

Analysis by Room

Here’s my table analysing the energies/Flying Stars in each room. The tricky part of applying Feng Shui to rooms is that most rooms will fall into more than one sector. The trickiest rooms are where 3 or more sectors all interact, such as the Kitchen as you can see in the floor plan above. So the analysis has to consider how the energies of the different sectors interact.




In the NE. Needs fire and activity to support 8 water star and encourage wealth and prosperity. Just outside the front door is a good location for a water feature. Best colours: Fire colours such as Reds/oranges/purples

Dining Room

In E and NE. Needs fire and activity so a good room for eating and working. Ideally open windows and doors to encourage the positive energies to flow. Best colours: Reds/oranges/purples. A mirror would be good in the north-east. Avoid metal and water colours. Earth and wood colours are ok. A botanical or tropical theme would be an option. Consider how to maximise light in the room as the main light is early morning.

Living Room

Mainly in SE and S, with one corner in E. If have a sofa in the East, fire colour is good. The main elements to emphasise in the room are wood and fire. Metal sound is helpful in the south to minimise impact of the difficult 2 star. Could use some chimes on one side of the conservatory doors.


Mainly in SW, with one corner in S. Main element to emphasise is metal, decorate in those colours. Metal sound is also helpful in the south to quell the troublesome 2 star.


Mainly in W and NW, with one side in SW. Metal is the main element to emphasise to minimise effects of troublesome 5 stars in NW and SW. Water could possibly also be used in the W. Avoid Earth, use Fire carefully. Probably the most difficult room in terms of interacting energies.


Entirely in NW. Metal is the element to emphasise i.e. white/black/grey. Some water (blues) is OK providing metal also used. Don’t use Earth or Fire colours here, which would aggravate the difficult energies.


Mainly falls in the N. Metal is the best element to use: whites/blacks/greys, to support the 1 energy of the host Mountain Star. Mirrors also helpful.

Master Bedroom

Falls in the E and NE. As for dining room, best colours to use are fire colours to support the good prosperity and relationship energies and subdue the difficult 3 and 4 stars. Avoid metals. Open windows when possible to bring positive energies in.

En Suite

Falls in NE and N, with window in N. Any combination of Fire, Earth and Metal potentially OK. Avoid Water or Wood which would support the difficult 3 star.

Bedroom 2

Mainly falls in SE. Element to emphasise is water to support the host 3 wealth star. Consider how to maximise light in the room. The main light is early morning and trees on neighbouring properties block light.

Bedroom 3

Mainly falls in W. A good room for activity i.e. work room. Use Water and Wood to build a bridge supporting the host 9 Water/Career star. May need Metal to subdue influence of 5 stars from SW and NW, monitor. Avoid Fire which would irritate the 5 stars.

Bedroom 4

Mainly falls into S. Add Wood element to support the special Qi combination which supports wealth. This may not work in which case switch to Water element.


Falls in NW so influenced by difficult 5 Qi energy. Currently decorated in Earth colours which supports that. Decorate in Metal colours.

Shower Room

Falls in NW as does bathroom. Decorate in metal colours.


Generally, this is a good, balanced house, with a particularly auspicious feature, in Feng Shui terms, that supports health and relationships. I’m pleased that the analysis suggests some areas should be colourful! The assessments of my previous 2 homes basically highlighted that metal energy was needed everywhere, which led to the introduction of lots of white! I have just concentrated on the core energies in this analysis. Ideally I’d also look at the annual energies and take account of those as well.

Next steps – get decorating! The best way to find out whether an analysis is correct is implement the findings, and see what happens. This takes me onto the Office/Bed 4, which is the first room I’m tackling. I’ll be rethinking a little in view of the findings so watch out for the Mood Board, coming soon.

Find Feng Shui interesting? I can recommend The Idiot’s Guide to Feng Shui if you’d like to learn a little more. Or ask!

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