What’s Blooming in June?

It’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day time! This month I’m relying on the fact that the garden has done a good job of springing to life without much, or even any, help from me. I have been completely distracted by the grand re-wire project, which you can read about here. So the garden has been somewhat neglected this month. But read on to see what’s happening. Isn’t this a fabulous way of keeping a diary of your garden throughout the seasons? And also of reminding yourself what you need to do, which in my case is now a LOT of weeding!

In Bloom in the Front Garden

Front Garden in June

It’s a bit tricky to tell the difference of the front garden by month isn’t it? There has been a bit of colour in that the roses have started blooming:

Roses in the Front Garden

The wigelia in the corner has actually finished blooming, I missed it for pictures! The Virginia Creeper at the side of the house has also sprung into life.

Down the side of the front garden I do have some flowers:

Flowers on wall at side of the Drive

I should know what they are but I’ve forgotten! Here’s another, a clematis which sprang to life after the currant had finished flowering:

Clematis at the side of the House

In Bloom in the Back Garden

The Back Garden in June

It’s getting a bit mad out here! I seriously need to get out to do some pruning and weeding in the near future. Of course whenever I feel in the mood the weather does not co-operate…

The Flowers

Roses clearly do well in this environment.

A few of the many Roses in the Garden
Pink Roses along the side of the Summerhouse
A wild rose?

I think it’s time to start deadheading!

There are some blooms around the pond as well:

Blooms around the Pond

Even I can identify the lavender plant. I don’t know what the yellow blooms are behind it.

A few more blooms:

Fuschia plant
A prolific Honeysuckle

Can anyone identify this? I think it’s a form of Lilly

a Lilly of some sort?

The clematis

Clematis in the Back Garden

Anyone know what this is?

Unidentified Blooms

The Fruit

Strawberries do well in this coastal climate. I have harvested a couple of bowls full. Tricky to get to them before slugs do though!

Strawberries doing their thing

The rhubarb is doing incredibly well. I’ve already stuffed my freezer full. I need to dust off my recipe book now:

The Rhubarb!

Again, I can take no credit for these, they were planted by the previous owner.

The fruit trees are all looking very green and alive. How much fruit they produce is yet to be seen. But at least the ones I’ve planted are still alive. I don’t expect them to produce fruit until next year at the earliest:

One of the Cherry Trees planted back in March

The Veg

Check out my potatoes:

Potatoes in June

This is the most successful thing I’ve planted in terms of growth, but who knows how many potatoes they will actually produce? I didn’t earth them as much as I intended to either. I literally turned my back for a couple of weeks and returned to this!

In comparison I have failed miserably on the production of tomato plants. There are 3 weedy little plants. I did buy a couple from a charity stall as well, so hoping to get those planted and we’ll see what happens. And yes, I do know that tomatoes are a fruit, not a vegetable really!

The onions are doing well, but the onion bad is sadly in need of a serious weed (I am feeling like a bad novice gardener this month)

See the onions amongst the weeds?

Weed or no weed?

Two specimens for this category this month. Here’s number one:

Little spiky flowers – weed?

And the second. I know it’s a grass, but is it an ornamental grass, or a weed type grass? Or is that entirely in the eye of the beholder?

Ornamental Grass or Weed? You decide!

And Finally

Struggling a little for comedy amidst the chaos. But here’s one of the resident pond frogs. Little does he know I have a new home lined up for him many miles away, with an owner who is a little more appreciative of pond life than I am!

He came close to a messy end at the hands of a lawn mower this week. Why is it that frogs like to hang around when they hear a mower, rather than hop away as fast as their little legs will take them?

The Links

See how the garden looked in May, April, March, and February. Check out many gorgeous gardens from around the World who join in Garden Bloggers Bloom Day here. And leave any feedback, suggestions, hints and tips in the comments box below. They are all gratefully received by this novice gardener!