What’s blooming in May

It’s time for the monthly round-up of what’s happening in the garden! It’s been a funny few weeks. The garden was all coming to life marvellously but the weather then took a turn for the cold, which damaged or killed quite a lot of emerging blooms. It happened immediately after I cut the lawn for the first time so I suspect the answer is to never cut the lawn again…The cold weather has also put me off getting out into the garden to be honest, so I still have a long to do list I haven’t got round to, including painting the fence, weeding, planting more veg, planting bulbs, pruning…. you get the idea.

The Front Garden

Not a lot of change here! I haven’t done anything other than gather some ideas.  You can see the magnolia tree has bloomed and the blooms have pretty much finished now. Here’s the side view:

Side view of Front Garden

I was hoping to prune some more off the tree that hangs into my garden and have purchased some loppers especially! But there was a bird nesting in it,  which put pruning on hold until the babies were born:

Baby pigeons!

The nest has emptied in the last few days. Unfortunately at least one baby met an end leaving the nest but hopefully the others have met a happier fate elsewhere now.

The twisted willow planted with parental help back in March is also doing well

Twisted willow tree

The Back Garden

The Flowers

Firstly a HUGE thank you to all the bloggers and readers out there who commented last month, identifying plants and playing along with ‘weed or no weed’. All of your help is appreciated! So, what’s in flower?

I have a lot of roses and they are all showing buds. One in particular has started to erupt into bloom:

The first rose to bloom

I’m expecting a lot more blooms by next month.

Here’s a pretty view:

Through the archway

Over the arch is a Japanese wineberry, which I’d never heard of before and am watching with interest.

My lilac tree is smelling wonderful:

Lilac in bloom

It’s beautiful with fabulous scent, but very old and twisted and competes with the tree next to it. It’s also a handy route for cats into and out of the garden (yes, cat wars are ongoing). So its future is under consideration.

Here’s a view of the poor frost damaged blooms:

The frost-damaged Camellia

Some more flowers:

Pretty white flowers, which I forget the name of
A blooming passion flower
Wisteria over the pergola seat

Weed or no weed?

More weeds?

I think weed?

The Fruit

I have eaten my first rhubarb from the garden, and delicious it was. I am grateful that rhubarb is pretty indestructible. This rhubarb even tried to flower! I removed the flower heads to keep the stalks growing.

I did not know that rhubarb flowered! Looks impressively like something out of Alien

I have quite a few strawberry plants around the garden and they seem to thrive in this climate:

The strawberry plants

The fruit trees and baby bushes I’ve planted since I moved here all seem to be doing pretty well too:

One of the new cherry trees

The Veg

Remember last month’s comedy photo? Well, some potato plants are emerging! They appear to be sprouting in no particular order and at no particular rate though.

Potatoes doing their thing

The onions are doing their thing too. I don’t know how I’m supposed to tell when they are ready to harvest, can anyone advise?

The onion bed

I have tried to grow some tomatoes from seed, not having a lot of success though.

I am not doing well at nurturing seeds….

The Herbs

I rescued a few herbs from the bargain bin (50p!) at my local Wilko store. They’ve done fine when re-potted and you can’t tell them apart from the more expensive versions purchased from the posh garden centre. I’ve also potted up my mail order herb plants and hoping I can nurture them to bigger and better things:

Baby herbs


And Finally

This month’s comedy pic isn’t actually of my garden. It’s the view from my garden.

Can you see the yellow tape around the railings over the road? Every day I look out of the window and think I’ve become part of an episode of CSI overnight! But no, there are no grisly discoveries to be made on the village green. The council put up some ‘beware wet paint’ tape weeks ago. I think the paint is dry now, when it stops amusing me I’ll just have to take that tape down.

The Links

See how the garden looked in April, March, and February. Check out many gorgeous gardens from around the World who join in Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day here. And leave any feedback, suggestions, hints and tips in the comments box below. They are all gratefully received by this novice gardener!