Lighting the Home

Even though I’ve previously re-wired a home, I have never put a huge amount of thought into my lighting, other than picking central lights and a few lamps that appealed to me. The main thing I know about light is – I like it a lot! I really like being able to alter light levels to suit whatever I’m doing, whether crafting (lots of light required) watching a film (just a bit of mood lighting does the trick), or anything in-between. Now I’m living in a home with high ceilings, and I have a real opportunity to go for some statement pieces. But budget is of course a consideration, so I’m shopping with care. Here I’m sharing a few options I’ve been considering for the fixed lighting and asking – what would you go for?

Making an Entrance – the Hallway

My hallway is full height, so it deserves a Statement piece.

The full height hallway with it’s current 3 bulb light

I’d like something with a LOT of glass. But should I go for something that gives a nod to the traditional, like one of these:

DAN1238 Danielle 12 light crystal chandelier. Picture: Ocean lighting

Or a more modern hotel like piece like this:

1313-13CC Searchlight Waterfall 13 light pendant. Picture: Ocean Lighting

Or I could opt for this type, which always puts me in mind of Art Deco, a period that always appeals to me:

ESC0650 Escala 6 light pendant. Picture: Ocean Lighting

Whatever I choose I need to be able to find 2 at least complementary ceiling lights for the hallway and landing corridors.

Does an Office have to be serious?

Well I can answer that – no, you don’t have to have utilitarian lighting in an office! But it does need to be well lit. I don’t want to put too much budget into this room though, I have to economise somewhere. I’m thinking perhaps a modern statement in chrome, like this:

Galaxy light, Wilko

It looks expensive but some of that chrome is actually plastic! Or how about this?

RAW0450 Rawley 4 light ceiling light. Photo: Ocean Lighting

It makes me think of medusa, I love it! I might use it elsewhere in the house though.

Pick and Mix – Living Room combinations

The living room is where I spend most of my waking time at home, so it’s the most important one to get right for me, and the one I find most challenging in it’s current lighting. I  currently have 3 sets of wall lights:

Current lighting pic

The Living Room has 3 sets of wall lights, one set seen above the TV

Not really my taste, and not enough light when I’m trying to read/craft in the evening. I’d like to add a central pendant, which then leaves me with a decision – should I keep wall lights as well? That would give the pick and mix options for which lights I use when. But if I do that, do I match everything up? Or mix up different styles? And should I include some statement lighting in the fireplace alcove as well? What choices! Here are a couple of options I’ve looked at:

Emmie medium ceiling pendant. Photo: The Lighting Superstore

Super bling! With matching wall lights would it perhaps be a little too much?

Searchlight 4175-5 Waterfall 5 light pendant. Photo: Ocean Lighting

I looked at the 13 light cascade option for the hallway. This is the 5 light version, and it comes in 3 or 1 light options or wall lights as well, so there are plenty of ways to mix and match.

I have no idea what way I will go with this, so all suggestions are welcome.

Can you have too much in the Bedroom?

Too much light that is! In my last home I put small chandeliers in the bedroom, so they were quite minimal. My taste has evolved though, I tend to be attracted to items that make a bit more of a statement now. Of course a chandelier is nice to look at whether it’s on or off, or has light reflected on it from bedside lamps.  Here’s a couple of ideas I’ve been looking at:

Searchlight Martina 5 Light Chandelier. Photo: Wayfair

Quite traditional, not as much glass as a few of the other options I’m looking at!

Campina 5 light chandelier by Home Loft Concept. Photo: Wayfair

Another fairly traditional option. Deliberations continue!

To dim, or not to dim

Lots of us buy lights expecting to use dimmer switches to change the mood. The interesting fact I’ve found out is that it isn’t just the light fitting that determines whether you can dim the lights, it’s the bulbs and switches as well! A lot of lights can now take normal energy saving bulbs or LEDs. LEDs are cheaper to run but generally not dimmable. If you want LED dimmable bulbs, well, they are rather pricey AND you need to consider the switch as well. Apparently certain types of dimmable bulbs only work with certain types of switches. The moral of the tale? Always consider your bulbs and light switches at the same time as buying the light, rather than after it’s taking pride of place in your home!


That’s a view into my musings on light at The Creative Coastal Home. Which would you choose? Have you updated your lighting recently? Have you been inspired to look at your lighting in a new (ahem) light? Or would you like more inspiration? Check out my Lighting Ideas Pinterest Board!

Note: This is not a sponsored post and does not contain affiliate links. Photo sources have all been referenced.