How many ways can you use an Owl?

Glass has been on my mind a lot recently, mainly because I am currently lighting obsessed! Watch out for a post soon on lighting options I’m considering for my home. But when I spied these little glass owl jars, I immediately thought of all sorts of ways they could be put to use accessorizing the home. Best of all – they are only 79p from your local Poundstretcher. Who’d have thought Poundstretcher would be selling a glam home accessory? So here’s my round-up of ways to use an owl in the home!

The Raw Material

This chunky glass jar is being marketed as a cocktail glass at Poundstretcher. There is nothing whatsoever wrong with using them for cocktails and if in doubt I’d highly recommend that option! But let’s look at the other options.

Option 1: Lighting

There are multiple ways to use these little beauties for lighting the home and garden. How about a candle?

An oldie but goldie – tea-light holder! The jars are thick glass so will hold up well to candlelight, and the shapes of this little owl throw some great light patterns. The jars would also be perfect holders for filling with scented wax and a wick to DIY your own candle. How about making citronella ones to keep the bugs at bay in your garden this summer?

Alternatively brighten a corner with some fairy lights:

This jar is holding a 10 light string of LEDs also purchased from a pound store. They are battery operated so completely safe outdoors or in a child’s room.

Option 2: Craft Fantastic!

These owls are housing knitting and sewing supplies. The hole in the lid makes the owl a perfect yarn bowl  -highly prized by knitters for keeping yarn clean and tidy whilst decorating the home. One of these containing a luxury ball of wool would be a lovely gift for a knitter. Or turn one into a sewing kit with your needles, threads, safety pins and a tape measure.

Option 3: Art Attack!

These little jars can smarten up your art supplies:

My owls are storing paint and paintbrushes, and my coloured pens here. Of course you could use them for anything in the office – pens, pencils, office supplies etc.

Option 4: Office and Garden Supplies

This little fellow is holding general office/garden supplies such as rubber bands and string. Of course the hole in the lid turns the jar into a handy string dispenser too!

Option 5: Soap and Lotion Dispensers

This is my favourite! It’s the option that involves a little work though:

Aren’t these great for the bathroom? Here’s the how to:

Owl soap dispenser: raw materials

Step 1: Decant the soap into the jar – that’s the easy part!

Step 2: Create a large enough hole in the jar lid for the soap pump. This is the only tricky bit. You ideally want a snug fit so that the top of the pump will fit on top of the lip, but the widest part beneath the lid only just fits through the whole. Check the sizing before you do anything! I used a 13mm drill bit:

I taped the jar to a piece of scrap wood to hold it steady. Even so the drill did not make a nice neat hole. If you have a drill bit especially for metal, or even better something that’ll just punch a hole in the lid, that would be better. Alternatively you could try to file the hole larger using a metal mile, or punch around the edges.

Be careful as the hole will now have VERY sharp edges! I tidied it up with a metal file but it still left a messy sharp-ish edge:

Jar lid with the hole slightly enlarged with a drill to fit a pump

You could also protect the lid with masking tape during this step, so it doesn’t get scratched. Fortunately the hole edges are totally covered by the next step!

Step 3: Install the pump. Just gently push the pump down into the bottle. You might need to trim the length of it a little if the original dispenser was taller than the jar. That’s easily done with scissors or a craft knife. Providing you have kept the hole in the lid as small as possible the pump shouldn’t move around, although it isn’t screwed in. If it does, then glue it in place. That’s it!

Why not make a few to display your hand lotion and other toiletries as well?

That’s 5 quick options for a cute owl jar. Are you going to try one?

Note: This is in no way a sponsored post. I was just taken by this idea! You could apply it to most of the cool glass jars currently available in many high street shops.