Hands up: who keeps their old magazines?

In my post How to organize a magazine collection I talked about how I’m considering organizing my rather impressive magazine collection. I also admitted to keeping a lot more magazines than your average normal person (if any normal person would like to prove me wrong on this, please have a go!) Yes, the collection moved with me to The Creative Coastal Home, and I have some really good ideas on how I’m going to store and display them. That’s the subject of a future post! Here I’m taking a trip down memory lane and showing you how your magazine stash can provide plenty of inspiration for your home today, especially if you’re a crafter, diyer, or upcycler. Read on!

Inspiration: What goes around comes around

My magazine stash is as an amazing and continuing source of inspiration. Check these out:

Good Homes Magazines circa 1999!

Yes, these are literally so last century! But brilliant! Here’s some reasons why I kept them:

DIY Ideas Never Get Old

I still love this cover image from May 1999. The combination of painted and unpainted chairs and different shades of blue is a good option for a coastal or country kitchen. I’ve seen quite a few examples of painted table and chairs like this recently, in all styles of home. Either washes or solid colour are great on kitchen chairs. I have a set of pine chairs similar to this that need a paint job when I decorate my kitchen so this picture could well be my reference.

Good Homes May 1999

Upcycling was a Thing last century too!

There are some fabulous upcycling ideas in my collection. Here’s a retro cabinet idea in the December 1999 magazine. Without the blue stripe it would look completely on trend today:

Good Homes December 2016

Fashion Comes Back

Check out this bright pink rug! You could buy it for £28 in 1999. If you google ‘bright pink rug’ today you get rather a lot of similar looking rugs, at all price points on the spectrum. Even an Amazon search today brought up a good number of matches. So if you’d bought this little number in 1999 you could proudly display it today. As a DIYer I’d buy a cream one and dye it and I’m seriously thinking of doing exactly that in one of my room renovations. Watch this space to see if fuchsia makes an appearance…

Some Ideas are Timeless

I remember loving this living room image when I first saw it in 2001 (yes, I’ve made it into this century!). Well, I still love it now. The combination of a grey-blue and raspberry pink never fails to look good. It’s not a colour scheme I’ve tried yet, maybe the time has come to give it a go. It would look fabulous in a bedroom

Good Homes April 2001

That’s just a few examples using my Good Homes magazine collection. Other home magazines are available which would illustrate my point, and I should know – I have most of them! Are you convinced of the merits of keeping magazines yet? Or have you just enjoyed the trip back to the future? Let me know in the comments box below. Then why not go and put your feet up with a good magazine?

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