How’s Your Garden Growing this month?

Last month I joined bloggers around the World for Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day and got lots of positive feedback. So thank you everyone who gave encouragement and advice to this novice gardener! I also posted when I first moved into The Creative Coastal Home, The Novice Gardener by the season: Winter, showing my garden by the seasons. This month I’m updating you on what’s in bloom in my English north-east coastal garden in Spring. Plants are starting to bloom – warning this post is photo heavy!

The Front Garden

The Creative Coastal Home in Spring

My little east-facing front garden is blooming, but still a bit bare! The magnolia tree is just about to bloom:

The Magnolia Tree

The weather has taken a turn for the cold again so hoping they get to bloom fully.

Here’s the left side:

Front Garden, left side

I’ve planted a few items into the ground, including a twisted willow (I think!) that’s now sprouting leaves on the left side of the picture. I’ve cleared out the space, in particular all the ivy that was growing over the wall. It definitely needs more plants and colour now. Any suggestions?

Here’s the right side:

Front Garden, right side

The few plants that are in the right hand side – roses and the magnolia – are all sprouting life. I think I just need something more in this space…. although I do have a beautiful flowering currant that’s blooming (and smelling) wonderful down the side wall:

The flowering currant

The Back Garden

The back garden is starting to bloom nicely! Here’s the left side:

Back garden left side

All the roses are springing to life. The garden is full of fruit trees which are starting to blossom as well.

Here’s the right side:

Back garden right side

The fruit trees are in blossom. The plants around the pond are providing welcome colour. At the side of the house another currant is growing quite vigorously:

Climbing Currant

The established Weeping Cherry Tree in bloom

The cherry tree in bloom

There’s an unusual Japanese Wineberry growing well:

A Japanese wineberry on the archway

Here’s a round-up of some of the other flowers in bloom:

A beautiful Camellia
Yellow flowers in front of the summerhouse
Flowers blooming in front of the Summerhouse
One of the many clusters of primroses
Not sure what these are!
My favourite bloom in the garden – I think it’s a variety of Monkshood

The Fruit and Veg Experiments

I’ve done quite a bit of experimental planting. As I’m a total novice gardener I have no idea how well everything will do. I’m particularly keen on growing fruit and veg so I’ve focussed on that this year.

A white currant from the local garden centre has been in the ground a few weeks and whilst it isn’t exactly blooming yet I’m very excited that it’s showing signs of life:

This white currant was planted about 3 weeks ago

The onions I planted are doing well now I’ve put down some spiky berberis prunings to deter the local cats (the battle of the cats has been going on a little while)

Onions – my first attempt at growing veg!

The strawberries and rhubarb I inherited are also doing well:

Strawberries for which I can claim no credit
Rhubarb, a fruit that looks after itself

I haven’t been able to resist planting a few more fruit trees. I’m experimenting with some low cost trees from my local Wilko and Poundstretcher stores – all £5 or less! None of them will bear fruit this year but I’m looking forward to following their progress as they grow to provide fruit and privacy.

Cherry tree number 1:

The first £5 cherry experiment

Cherry tree number 2:

A £5 cherry tree gets a chance at life

Plum tree:

This Wilko £5 plum tree is definitely alive – can I keep it that way?

I’ve also put a few small fruit plants into pots – all acquired for a couple of pounds each from Wilko:

Looks like a stick, is actually a young fig plant
A more advanced stick, also known as an orange plant
A kiwi and a pomegranate in disguise as an assortment of twigs

And I’ve acquired the makings of a herb garden:

The Herb Collection

I’ll either be putting them into the ground or into some bright pots to make a colourful display

Weed or no weed?

These are the things that I’m 90% sure are weeds, but play along with weed or no weed and let me know what you think:

Weed 1?
Weed 2?

I’ve also noticed quite a number of dandelions in bloom in the garden, a weeding day is clearly in my near future.

And Finally

Here’s this month’s comedy photo:

Can you tell what it is yet?

OK, so it looks like nothing, and there is definitely nothing blooming yet. I inherited a former chicken enclosure with the house. Ultimately I intend to remove at least some of the cage – it puts me in mind of cage fighting a little too much. What you see is the result of several hours hard work! I’ve put a few £1 fruit plants around the edges – a combination of gooseberries, raspberries, black and red currants. They are my Poundland and Poundworld experiments. In the middle are 3 rows of potatoes. Check back next month to see whether any of it takes, or whether I’m re-planning rapidly….

Check out last month’s post garden bloggers’ bloom day: March. Follow the blooming gardens of the World with May Dreams Gardens. Add your comments, suggestions and questions on my garden in the comments box at the bottom of the page. And sign up to follow the blog if you’d like to receive next month’s status update and find out what lives, what blooms, what dies, and whether I ever manage to mow the lawn…