Who’s up for a free 60 minute makeover?

It was only 11 weeks ago that I moved into my lovely new  home aka The Creative Coastal Home. I have lots of plans for it, but haven’t got stuck into decorating yet. I’m deliberating how to tackle some of the bigger things I’m considering (mainly electrics!) and spending quite a lot of time planning, which I’m planning a post on in future. I also think it’s important to settle into a space and get a sense of how you’d like to use it rather than rush in and make mistakes.

I haven’t even fully unpacked, because I’m expecting electrical work and decorating to cause a fair amount of disruption. I am of course pinning like mad to my Pinterest Boards and reading everything interiors and garden related that I can get my hands on. There is just SO MUCH inspiration out there! You can read my guide to some of the home and garden bloggers who inspire me here in What’s my home style part 2.

I am itching to get stuck in though so I set myself a mini challenge: to create a cosy little corner which can be a calm  haven and an inspiration whilst I do my planning. I don’t want to spend any money because I haven’t decided on schemes yet. So here’s my challenge for my own 60 minute makeover: create a cosy chill-out corner in 60 minutes, just by using items I already own! Here’s my guide to how to do it yourself:

Step One: Pick your makeover corner

The 60 minute no cost cosy corner challenge!

Here’s the corner I picked for my challenge:  it’s not even the entire conservatory, but one side of it! It’s a nice sunny spot overlooking the garden patio. Currently it’s home to:

  • A comfy sofa which was a complete Ebay bargain. I intend to re-cover it and pad it out with cushions eventually – but not in 60 minutes!
  • An IKEA side table decorated about 15 years ago: Changing Rooms inspired gold fleur de lys stamps anyone? Clearly it needs a repaint!
  • An untidy stack of magazines and moving boxes
The old Ikea table and random magazine stack

As this is a 60 minute makeover, re-covering the sofa and re-painting the table weren’t on the agenda for this makeover. Here’s the immediate view of the garden:

The outside view from my cosy conservatory makeover corner

Again it has plenty of potential but there is only so much that can be done in 60 minutes!

Step Two: Source your items

Did I mention I haven’t fully unpacked yet? I have no idea where a lot of my ornaments or even possessions are! A quick 30 minute run round the house, peering into a few boxes, turned up the following:

  • A cream throw
  • A cream cushion
  • An assortment from my crystal collection
  • A few soapstone ornaments collected on my travels
  • A salt lamp that hasn’t been used for years
  • A faux leather storage box
  • My latest knitting project
  • An Ikea magazine rack
  • An old nest of 2 wooden tables – they could do with a re-paint but they are less offensive than the orange table!

Step Three: Arrange your cosy corner

My second 30 minutes were spent arranging my items to produce this:

The 60 minute no cost cosy corner challenge

The terracotta sofa is being covered as much as possible with my cosy throw and cushion. I also included one of my hand knit shawls so I can wrap up if I’m chilly. You can read about my challenge to knit 12 shawls in a year if you’d like to make your own.

To the left hand side of the sofa I’ve positioned my side table for my cup of tea, with my salt lamp and a few crystals from my travels. Underneath is a faux leather storage box to keep my latest craft project tidy.

My salt lamp and crystals

To the right of the sofa is the other table from the stack:

It’s been tidied up with my magazine rack and a stack of inspirational magazines, and some soapstone ornaments:

Soapstone ornaments from my travels in South America

Outside I only had time to line up my herb pots. I’m keen to re-pot them into some colourful pots over Easter to make a cheerful display – if only it would stop raining!

The beginnings of a herb garden

Step Four: Enjoy your space!

So that’s the result of 60 minutes, without leaving the house or spending a penny! I know where I’ll be curling up whenever I need a few minutes to relax now. A definite improvement don’t you think?

Why not set yourself a no cost 60 minute makeover challenge and see what you can achieve in a corner of your home? Share the results!