What Camera is Best for Blogging?

It’s no secret that my biggest challenge as a new blogger is photography. I’ve always been a point and shoot photographer, and relied on being able to just take a lot of pictures then select the best one. Now I want to be giving my readers clear and accurate photo guides of how-to projects, before and after room schemes, and inspirational landscape shots of the beautiful coast and countryside. So I really need to up my photography game! This post is dedicated to my research on cameras to date, in the hope that it’ll help others, and that I’ll get some feedback to help me in my final selection of my new blogging camera.

My Current Cameras: Pros and Cons

I currently rely on a basic point and shoot, the Sony DSC W-800

I chose it because of good Amazon reviews, the over 20MP image quality and a cheap price! I wasn’t considering blogging at the time. It sometimes produces great shots, sometimes not so much. Here’s some examples:

Landscape photo on the Sony DSCW800
The north-east coast on an overcast day, not a great quality photo, it wouldn’t hold up to enlargement


Interior shot on my Sony DSCW800
This Interior shot of my hallway doesn’t really show the detail of features

Pros: it’s very easy to use as a point and shoot, lightweight and easy to carry about in a pocket or bag

Cons: it’s not really up to the job of detailed photography for blogging purposes, and not great in poor light.

I also have a camera on my phone, a Microsoft Lumia 550


It has the basic camera functions, including a flash and a front-facing selfie camera:

Scenic shot on the Microsoft Lumia 550
This moody Scarborough scene conveys the mood but not a lot of detail
Detail shot on a Microsoft Lumia 550
Close up of a potential upcycling purchase

Pros: Well, I can be relied on to have it to hand most of the time! It’s great for quick snaps to save me having to write things down.

Cons: It’s just not very good quality; unsurprisingly as I selected my phone for basic call functionality not the camera. It’s terrible at indoor photos in poor light/at night, even with the flash.

My Next Camera: Requirements and Budget

I’m aiming to show my readers creative projects of all types: house renovation, upcycling and other DIY projects, the garden throughout the year, and other creative crafts like knitting and sewing. I also want to show life on the coast and scenic inspiration, day and night. So I need a camera that:

  • Takes good close up and panoramic shots
  • Shoots well in all light levels
  • Supports large prints (In addition to blog photography I want to make some artwork for The Creative Coastal Home)
  • Isn’t too hard to get to grips with – I don’t want to spend longer on the pictures than the projects!

Budget wise I’m probably looking at about £500 max for the camera with at least one lens.

My Next Camera: Research

Choosing a new camera is mind-boggling! Phone cameras, point and shoots, bridge cameras, SLRs – and that’s just the different categories! Within that the options are endless and the price range is endless as well. After spending hours trawling through comparison websites I decided it would be easier to just ask some fellow bloggers who produce great pictures what they use. I found that everyone uses something different! Here’s a round-up:


The Nikon D90 always gets great reviews as a good entry-level SLR and is used by a number of bloggers. But it’s been discontinued. The current best Nikon alternative appears to be the Nikon D3300

It’s a reasonable price and gets plenty of good Amazon reviews. I can’t find much info about alternative lens kits which could be an issue. I’ve seen plenty of good close-up shots taken on one, but not so many landscapes. There’s also the next model up, the Nikon D5500

Another one with good reviews, plenty of accessory and lens options


The Canon 70D is another entry level digital SLR with good reviews, but pricier than the Nikon.

It has a range of lens options and I’ve seen good scenic and close up shots taken on one. There are multiple other Canon options but trying to figure out the differences has completely bamboozled me!


The Olympus Pen E-PL8 offers a halfway house; not a DSLR but has the option to add lenses.

Apparently it’s aimed at fashion bloggers. I can see why; it’s attractive. I just don’t know if it takes good scenic shots as well as project close-ups.

Which Camera Wins?

I’ve just covered a few options here, and I could continue indefinitely. I’m pretty much as confused as ever on what to go for! If anyone ever set-up a camera rental outlet so we could all try for a week before we buy I think they’d do pretty well. I have to make a decision soon because I want to do more blogging with better pictures! So please let me know – what camera do you use? Would you recommend it? What would you pick? Let me know by scrolling to the bottom of the page and leaving a comment.

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