How’s Your Garden Growing?

Back in February I posted the first in my series: The novice gardener by the season, the Winter Edition. I moved to my Coastal Home at the end of January so I’ve just been discovering my garden. You’ll have to wait a while for the Spring Edition, where I’ll take you thorough what I’ve done so far, and the lessons learnt to date. In particular I’m trying to get some fruit and veg growing underway!

This month I’ve joined the Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, hosted by May dreams gardens. Each month bloggers around the World post pictures of their gardens in bloom! Here’s my March Edition to give you a taste of how The Creative Coastal Home garden is looking.

The Front Garden

The Front Garden in March

We’ve had a few sunny days on the coast this year, but sadly never when I want to take pictures! The front has had a tidy-up, and we’ve planted a few things into the ground. The magnolia tree at the front of the pic is in bud, and the twisted willow tree at the back of the picture is just starting to sprout:

Willow (I think!)

The crocus and tulips are adding some colour

Tulip Window Baskets in the Front Garden

And the flowering currant is definitely coming to life

Flowering current at the side of the Front Garden

I feel this space needs more flowers. Any suggestions for what to do here next?

The Back Garden

The Back Garden on 15th March 2017


Another view of the Back Garden – check out the Daffodils at the far side!

I’ve added to the fruit trees with a new cherry tree just last week, which is settling in and still alive!

The new Cherry Tree

There are various little plants cautiously blooming which I don’t know the names of – if any readers can tell me please do!

Blooming plants around the Pond
This might be a Hellebore?
Fairly sure these are Primroses!

The bulbs are all blooming. Here’s the snowdrops (you can see the veg beds behind them)

Snowdrops blooming in the Back Garden

There are daffodils, bluebells, and hyacinths (I think!):

More Flowering Bulbs

I’ve just started populating the veg beds, so nothing is blooming there just yet. But here’s my very favourite thing – rhubarb watch! I LOVE rhubarb. The plant was already here, and it’s started to sprout. I’ve added some ginger to one corner of the plot, but I have no idea how growing ginger works so that’s one to watch.

Rhubarb Watch! It’s a daily event….

And finally, the comedy pic. Of one whole tray of seeds planted, one little seedling is trying to emerge. This cannot be a good success rate. Next attempt next week -if anyone would like to give me any tips please do!

My one sprouting Seed!

Check back next month to see what I’ve managed to grow, and what I’ve managed to kill. It could go either way, when you’re a novice gardener….. make sure you don’t miss it by subscribing to the blog: just enter your email address in one of the subscription boxes to your right ->

How’s your garden growing this month? Why not start your own monthly photo record? Check out the other garden bloomers  writing for Garden Bloom Day at May dreams gardens for some inspiration!