How is your home style influenced and inspired?

Recently I posted What’s my home style? Part One to give you some hints about my home style, and what you might expect as I decorate The Creative Coastal Home. But of course although I have my favourite things that I’ve brought with me, my style is evolving. Here’s what influences and inspires me:

Current Trends

My Wallpaper Ideas Pinterest Board

I like to keep an eye on the current trends, by reading a wide variety of home and garden magazines and keeping an eye on social media. Twitter is brilliant for inspiration as there are many interior retailers, home magazines and bloggers frequently tweeting inspiring pictures. Have a look at the Twitter users I follow for inspiration.

My favourite current trends? I’m loving the bold nature-inspired wallpapers that are available now, so you can expect that to feature somewhere in my new home, although a couple of years ago I would never have thought of wallpaper! I’ve also seen lots of examples of the current fashion for dark colours looking amazing, so that’s likely to influence The Creative Coastal Home as well.


The Creative Coastal Home on Pinterest

Whatever you may want to find pictures of, or projects for, it’ll be on Pinterest! Even better, you can organise pins on your own boards in whatever way makes sense to you. I’ve opted for a board for each room in my new home. Currently I’m using them as a great brainstorming tool, pinning away like crazy! When I’m ready to decorate each room, I’ll use my Pinterest board as a starting point and refine it into a mood board for what I’m actually going to do. Have a look at my boards and let me know what you think. Anything there inspire you?

Feng Shui

A bit off the wall perhaps? Feng Shui is the art of looking at how energy flows in your home, and considering how to accentuate good energies whilst minimising bad through your approach to the decor. I explored this to the extent that I qualified as a feng shui practitioner a decade ago. I’ve certainly found that my life seems to ‘flow’ more easily when I apply the principles. So feng shui will influence The Creative Coastal Home – and I’ll be doing a post studying my home’s feng shui in future to give you more insight into how that influences my designs.

Other Blogs

I’ve saved the best until last! There are lots of amazing bloggers out there who constantly inspire me with their awesome interiors, gardens, ideas and projects. To be honest, they intimidate me a little as well as they are all SO GOOD! But they are all run by amazing people who have generously given me advice as I work to improve my blog. So here’s my top pick of  interior and garden bloggers who inspire and influence me:


Swoonworthy Home Page

Kimberly’s byline is ‘the home of eclectic boho glam’ and her blog delivers in spades! She implements all the bold ideas I might normally be a little too cautious for, and makes them look amazing, with a mix of smaller projects and complete room before and afters. Kimberly won the Amara Interior Blog Awards ‘blogger’s choice’ award last year, so we’re all coveting her look!  My favourite post to date: The secret to painting Ikea furniture is a perfect mix of practical advice and swoonworthy inspiration, I’ve pinned this one and it’ll definitely influence me when I tackle some furniture upcycles!

Melanie Lissack Interiors

Melanie Lissack Interiors Home Page

Melanie’s byline is ‘Craft & create yourself a fabulous home’ and she certainly has! Her blog is an endless source of inspiration illustrated with a great mix of room makeovers and smaller projects that look amazingly professional yet still achievable for the ordinary mortal.  There is a very good reason she won the ‘Best crafts and DIY blog’ award at the Amara Interior Blog awards last year! Here’s my favourite post to date: turning a balcony into a kitsch rooftop bar for under £250 .  A fun idea that looked awesome! Her guide on how to  build a planter will definitely be influencing my garden this summer.

We Love Home

We Love Home Home Page

Maxine’s byline is ‘the house that style built’ and as she’s an interiors stylist, she’s made good on her promise! Her blog can always be relied on for insights into the current trends and some really stylish makeovers on a budget. My favourite post to date: How I filled my home for free and you can too is inspiring and practical, as she shows how to use items sourced for free and style them up to look fabulous. I’m also expecting to refer to her post How I got a £2000 sofa for just £100 when the time comes to decorate my living room!

 Little House On The Corner

Little House On The Corner Home Page

Jan and Christine at little house on the corner are not afraid of tackling big projects themselves, and demonstrated that in transforming their period home pretty much singlehandedly. I loved how they managed to decorate in a light, bright, contemporary style, whilst being sympathetic to the period features. They have now relocated to a lovely large apartment in Berlin and I can’t wait to see what they do! My favourite post to date: How to build a slatted fence. It looks beautiful, they did it themselves, the colour is on-trend, and it’s exactly the sort of project I like to have a go at! I’m considering how I could incorporate the idea into my garden at The Creative Coastal Home.

Simply The Nest

Simply The Nest Home Page

Alice at Simply The Nest has been blogging for years and through at least 2 homes and 3 children! I love the inspiration of her before and after rooms, and she also features her garden, showing in easy detail for us novice gardeners how to plan a garden space, and how it changes over the seasons. My post The novice gardener by the season is partly inspired and influenced by a series she did, photographing her garden each month. So it’s no surprise that my favourite posts from her blog are the series ‘a year in our secret garden’ that she did in a former home and this is  November’s post from the series.

The Middle-Sized Garden

The Middle-Sized Garden Home Page

Alexandra’s byline is ‘if your garden is bigger than a courtyard, but smaller than an acre’, so she has a wide target audience! Her incredibly professional blog is filled with colour, inspiration and practical advice for gardeners and bloggers. It’s my go-to gardening blog because everything is written in terms that make sense to me as a novice gardener and encourage me to have a go. My favourite post is a very recent one: A week in the life of a garden blogger gives a great insight into blogging AND some gardening tips – what’s not to love about that?

Inspired yet?

So that’s my round-up of  what inspires and influences my home and garden style! Anything there to inspire you? Check out the blogs, let the authors know what you think, and let me know what you’d like to see more of right here on The Creative Coastal Home. Happy decorating and gardening!