Do you know what your Home Style is?

In deciding whether you want to follow The Creative Coastal Home, you’re going to want to know, what’s my home style and do you like it? Is it similar to yours, or will it inspire you and help you decide what yours is? Like many people, my style has evolved, and I’ve collected a whole mixture of possessions over the years. I’m taking the opportunity of a move to inventory my possessions and work out which ones fit into my home style, and which really don’t, now I’m starting to plan rooms around more cohesive schemes.

Showing the home style of The Creative Coastal Home
Some of my favourite furnishings

My perfect Home Style

  1. Involves a bit of sparkle and plenty of light. I love a nice chandelier.
  2. Has painted and unpainted wood in it. I blogged about my updated wooden chests of drawers with sparkly handles here: The Ikea Rast
  3. Has plenty of tactile furnishings – cushions, rugs, throws, I love to be cosy!
  4. Has lots of storage. I have a lot of possessions, but I like them to be organised and not too much on view
  5. Has some colour in it – all white schemes are not for me
  6. Contains some creative elements – a knitted throw, a colourful piece of art, an upholstered piece of furniture or decorated storage solution, something to personalise the space

What represents my Home Style?

Here are some things from my old home that I love and represent my ideal home style:

  • My velvet curtains and cushions. Velvet is the best way to add a touch of luxury and I never get tired of it
  • The crystal lamps – a bit more sparkle!
  • The grey and crystal furniture. I brought together a dressing table, bedside units and chest of drawers into a matching set with a lot of painting and some new handles.

    Showing the home style of The Creative Coastal Home
    Some of my favourite furnishings
  • My boat picture. It’s one of the first things I bought for my first home and one of the few things to survive. I still love it. I have quite eclectic tastes in art, but colour and a touch of metallic are always good
Rosina Wachtmeister picture c1994
  • My pink fluffy cushions – it’s all about tactile furnishings!

    Tactile furnishings
  • The kitchen which I blogged about here: Lessons I learned from fitting my own kitchen. It wasn’t big enough but I liked the mix of textures, clean lines and plenty of storage.
The colourful kitchen with storage
  • The bedroom chandeliers – bling but not too much!

    Bedroom Chandeliers
  • The statement radiators. In my last home I chose a silver towel radiator in the bathroom, and a column radiator in the kitchen, and never regretted either

Bathroom and Kitchen radiators


Things I no longer love

Here are some things I own that I’m not quite so keen on, and are now probably the opposite of my home style:

  • The gothic bed. I loved it when I bought it and it’s comfy, but isn’t it dated? I’m not sure there is really much of a hack I could try with it either. Here’s a reminder of it in my new bedroom:


Master Bedroom complete with gothic bed
  • The corner sofa. A compromise purchase that proved you should never buy something major to ‘make do’ for your home. It wasn’t the velvet gorgeousness I wanted and I’ve regretted it ever since. There may be potential to transform it though.
THAT purple corner sofa


Items with potential

Here are some of my possessions that will one day fit right in with my home style – with a bit of upcycling magic:

  • The dining table and chairs – a great size and shape and a bargain charity shop purchase, but I’ve always intended to do something about the orange varnish finish
My orange varnished dining set



  • The unpainted pine. I still have a lot of this in my home – wardrobe, chests of drawers, ottoman, table to name a few. Plenty of scope for future schemes!
Unpainted pine = opportunity!


Deciding your home style

I’ve given you a few hints about my developing home style, and hopefully you’re intrigued enough to keep on reading and see what happens at The Creative Coastal Home. Why not have a look at your home, for the things you love, the things you really don’t love anymore, and those things that you could love with just a bit of work? If you’re looking for more clues and inspiration, have a look at my Pinterest boards where I’m starting to collect ideas for each room in my new home and all the projects I want to tackle.

Intrigued? Watch out for ‘What’s my Home Style? Part 2’. I’ll be sharing the blogs that inspire me. Anything you want to see more of? Or any ideas for those items I no longer love? Drop me a comment below.