Recently I blogged about my move to the coast: Getting back to blogging. I am STILL unpacking, but people are curious, so here is the before tour of my new home, complete with quite a lot of boxes. Please forgive the mess – this is most definitely the home of a person who is still moving in! Just think how much scope there will be for more before and after shoots as I finish the un-packing and transform the rooms into usable spaces!

The house itself is a 4 bed detached period property:

My Coastal Home


It opens into a lovely large hallway. This shot is taken at the bottom of the stairs. It’s pretty much a blank canvas at the moment:

Hall, Stairs and Landing

The ceilings are high, as are the windows! One of the many things I’ve realised is that probably none of my existing curtains will fit. So there will be an opportunity to go fabric shopping and make some new curtains as I decorate. There will also be the opportunity to display plenty of art – a chance to get creative!

There is a downstairs cloakroom, and a good sized dining room, which in this before shot is currently operating as a book storage warehouse:

The Dining Room

I keep opening the door, then quietly closing it again for another day….but there is a lovely room under there!

The living room is next, here’s the before picture, i.e. I’ve unpacked enough to give me a comfortable space in the immediate term:

Living Room

Amazingly my ridiculously large corner sofa (which I don’t think I like anymore, but that’s another story) does fit. I love the alcove round the fireplace and the deep mantelpiece.

The living room opens into a lovely conservatory, which in my before picture has some random furniture plonked in it when I ran out of energy to decide what went where (you’d think I’d done nothing since I moved in, but I have unpacked things, honestly!)

The Conservatory

Then there is a good sized kitchen. I’ve used the pictures from the estate agents details here for the before shots, to give a better view:

The Kitchen

It’s a great size. Unpacking my possessions is giving me a good insight already into what does and doesn’t work for me, I’m getting plenty of ideas. I think all the kitchen gadgets will move around quite a lot before they settle in a permanent home.

Upstairs there is a master bedroom. The before picture shows you what my taste in beds was around the turn of the century – I bought it when I moved into my last property. Gothic isn’t really my taste at all now but it’s really, really, comfortable!

Master Bedroom

Hm, gothic meets English floral meets French country- this look needs work.

The bedroom has an en-suite (again I’ve used the picture from the estate agents for the before picture)

Master Bedroom En Suite

The main bathroom takes the award for tidiest room in the house at the moment:

Main Bathroom

and there is a shower room next to it.

Bedroom 2 is a work in progress (it has actually been cleared since this before picture was taken, in readiness for my first guests).

Bedroom 2

The before view of Bedroom 3, which will be a home office eventually:

The future office

And the before view of bedroom 4, which will magically morph over time from being a yarn warehouse to a craft and guest room:

Bedroom 4, honestly

There’s also an attic room which I have plans for, pictures of that to follow.

So that’s my new home, and all of my possessions, in chaos! There is definitely scope for another before house tour once the boxes have diminished a bit more and you can actually see the space I have to play with. I’ll be focussing on each room in turn as I start planning how I turn the rooms and my mis-matched furniture into lovely coherent room schemes. There’s lots of scope for before and after pictures, and all suggestions are welcome! Watch out for a separate post on the garden coming soon as well.

Anyone else working on home improvements? What room are you working on?