Number of miles moved: 120!

The Creative Coastal Home moves to the coast!

Number of boxes packed: endless! They went on, and on, and on…..I am eternally grateful to the local Tesco in Nottingham who were incredibly helpful in providing the majority.

Number of rolls of packing tape purchased: 5

Number of boxes un-packed: about one third of the number packed, so far. I am drowning in a sea of cardboard.

Number of items of furniture damaged in the move: far more than there should have been. My metal bed is quite scratched, and a few laminated pieces of furniture are the worse for wear, as are some of my carefully hand-painted pieces. I am trying to look at this positively as an opportunity to try out some more upcycling ideas in future, which will give me a lot of opportunity for blogging. There will also be a future blog on moving lessons learnt.

Number of mugs/glasses I appear to own: a lot more than I thought! From my posh Denby to my Wilko Jubilee Union Jack mugs and everything in-between:

The mug collection

I think they must have bred in captivity, for something to do. Is it wrong that I want to buy more as a house warming gift to self?

Number of house warming gifts self purchased: I prefer to think of it more as buying things I need that I’ve delayed purchasing…. A few items. The ancient heavy TV finally went to the tip and was replaced. I can also highly recommend my new Salter Soup Maker. I’ve included an Ebay link but I purchased mine at the Works in their sale. Number of uses to date: 3

Number of visits to chip shops: 4. Compared to one visit in the whole of the last year at my previous Midlands home. Whilst this is vital market research, It’s one of the reasons I felt the need to buy a soup maker, see above. The ratio of soup to chips probably needs work.

Number of door handles in my new home that have come off in my hand: 2. Maybe I don’t know my own strength?


Time to find the tool box!

Number of real Christmas trees inherited: 1.

A real live Christmas Tree!

If I can keep it alive a whole 11 months I might finally swap from my trusty artificial number this year!

Number of ponds inherited: 3. I am not used to ponds, or fish, so this will be another learning experience. There are also a number of water features, which I haven’t yet begun to explore. I’ll be doing a post on the garden soon.

Number of comedy moments with mirrors: 1

The bathroom cabinet

Yes, that is the top of my head in the bathroom cabinet mirror!

Number of kitchen floods: 1. Not major, fortunately. Major lesson learnt though – when you hear water dripping, do NOT dismiss it as a quirk of your new home and leave it several hours before investigating the issue. It turned out my washing machine hadn’t been plumbed in too well.

Number of ice creams eaten so far this year: 1 and I made it count:

Sundae from The Harbour Bar

If you want to try one, check out The Harbour Bar

Number of hangovers: 1. I blame the gin. Recovery necessitated trip number 4 to the chip shop.

Happiness level with the coastal life: pretty high at the moment, long may it last!

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