The Creative Coastal Home has moved!

When I put blogging on hold for Christmas I didn’t expect it would lead to a break of over a month! Apologies all, and a Happy New Year to everyone. The reason for the break: The Creative Coastal Home has managed the long-desired move to the coast!

January disappeared in a blur of packing and address changes, from which I am just re-surfacing. It’s certainly given me plenty of ideas for future posts!

So this is my new home:

My Coastal Home

Thank you to everyone who has sent cards and best wishes, and also to those of you who helped in the packing, which quite frankly, was endless.

I am also getting to know the new area. Can you guess where it is?

One of the bays…
and the second bay

I am very happy with the move, whilst being occasionally overwhelmed by both the enormity of such a life shift and the amount of unpacking and work to be done, both to build up a life here and get to grips with my new home and garden.

A further post to follow with new house tour. If you’d like to read about my previous homes, you can read my post on it here: A history of homes

If there’s anything you’d like to know about my new home and location, let me know by leaving a comment!