Shawl 11 of 2016

I’m dying to get moved and stuck into big house projects! There are a few more weeks to go yet! Creatively, this year I’ve mainly contented myself with a knitting challenge. I chose ‘knit 12 shawls in a year’ which is a challenge offered by the Ravelry group 12 shawls forever. Every year anyone who is up for the challenge can join up, and there are monthly and annual prizes to keep you motivated.

If you are a knitter or crocheter, and haven’t found Ravelry yet, check it out! It’s Facebook for crafters, and will blow your mind.

So it’s now 14th December, and I have just started shawl number 11 for the year, the Coronation Shawl, from the lovely book Coronation Knits.

2 shawls in 17 days – will I manage it? Going for the nail-biting finish! There will be a post at the start of 2017 to reveal all. Plus I gave you a peek of number 9 in my post What’s a WIP? earlier this month. Wish me luck! What challenge did you set yourself this year?

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