So who out there has a magazine collection? Mine is possibly the largest in the World*. I’m currently packing it up for moving:

Just some of my magazines!

















The eagle-eyed may spot those Essentials magazines are dated 1998, and the Good Food 1995! I started buying magazines when I bought my first house back in 1995, so this collection has been 20 years in the making.

If you’re wondering about the file boxes they are packed in, they are the cheap and cheerful Ikea Pappis

There’s also the magazines in the study…

Then there are a quite a few more boxes up in the loft!

So, when I move I want to think about how I can store them so that:

  1. They are easily accessible. There is only a point keeping them if I’m going to use them, right?
  2. I can view them – I think of my magazines in some cases as a work or art in themselves. Or maybe it’s the OCD in me that really likes viewing a set of magazines all neatly lined up!

So I’m considering my options. I know that the Ikea Knuff files, which I own quite a lot of already, as you can see, will feature heavily! There will be some serious customisation of them going on, depending on the colour scheme I settle on. There are some great ideas on Pinterest, which I’m pinning to my board: Attic/Loft/Hobby Room Ideas. I’m loving the paint splatter and colourful paper ideas, also the ideas where a picture extends over several box files.

In my next home, I’m thinking of designing a big unit filled with magazines in my craft room.  The loft space has also been converted into usable space, and my current plan is to turn that into a cosy library/reading area, where I have all the extra magazines stored on low units with some cozy seating. Perhaps a furry beanbag or two? I really like this one on Amazon: faux fur bean bag.

Perhaps this post should be called ‘how NOT to organise a magazine collection’ with ‘how TO organise’ following on next year after I’ve done the work! I’m looking forward to being able to compare before and after pictures with you all. If you’re looking for your own ideas, have a look at my Pinterest boards of Attic/Loft/Hobby Room Ideas and Craft Room Ideas. And let me know how you’ve styled your magazine collection!

*If you think your magazine collection is larger, tweet me a pic @thecchome, I’d love to see it. If you’re wondering why I don’t get rid of any, well, I love them! I also always thought I’d know when I met the right man if I was prepared to sacrifice the magazines to make space for him. It just might happen….

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