A lot of us have a faithful Ikea Rast chest of drawers somewhere in their house. I have 3! 2 of them still look pretty much as they did on purchase:


I have big plans for these, and the other unpainted pine furniture I own, when I move next year and can get stuck into some new room schemes. But one of them has been given a makeover, and it looks like this:


It was done for my bedroom in my current home, to tie in with the bedside tables and dressing table, which were all given the same treatment. They were ridiculously easy as well. These were the steps:

  1. A coat of undercoat. I used a water-based grey undercoat from B&Q, which is no longer available. I always use water based paints where possible, they are just easier and have less mess involved.
  2. 2 coats of water based grey emulsion. I mixed my own, using several litres of white value paint and some black emulsion from a DIY store own brand range.  Just remember to mix as much as you need, especially if painting several items! If you mix it in a resealable tub like a paint pot it’s easy to store the leftovers for touch-ups as well.
  3. 1 – 2 coats of water based satin varnish. I just used a paint brush and applied along the grain.
  4. Sparkly handles. I used these: Crystal door handles. They came from a quick search on Ebay and were inexpensive and took 5 minutes to attach.


That’s it! Whether it stays that way depends on where it ends up in my next home. What did you do with your Ikea Rast?

Note: In these early days of blogging I’m learning a lot about photography. Your feedback is appreciated. Would you like to see more pictures or less?

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